SEND, Mental Health and the Healthy Impact of REDJanuary 2021

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

As we come to the end of Qualified Tutor’s first REDJanuary, we celebrate the support and community that helped us through the darkest (but mostly the coldest) days.

In this honest roundtable discussion amongst the QT REDJanuary team (and special guest, Adrian Conway), we look back on what working as a team means, both for running your first 10km and for building a solid student-tutor partnership.

From [10:38], we explore how our Community Themes for January (Mental Health) and February (SEND) have overlapped and the benefits this has brought to our Community of tutors.

SEND specialist, Amanda Cremona, takes us through her tips for working with dyslexic and non-engaging students – and don’t miss Julia’s frank assessment of what it truly means to pass on tutoring work that doesn’t fit within your area of expertise.

Thank you to those below for making it such an invigorating discussion:

  • Amanda Cremona
  • Adrian Conway
  • Rose Matthews
  • Julia Silver
  • Ludo Millar

‘My tutoring win today was that my student was able to say the word “said” in a story’ Amanda Cremona

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