Success in Tutoring with Joanne Kaminski: How to Find What Parents and Students are Looking For

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

What many tutors struggle with is knowing how to take the next step. Don’t worry, it’s very common. Joanne Kaminski has spent her life learning how to make this happen.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Joanne is a former classroom teacher who needed a change in life. That change was stepping back from teaching and turning her skills to tutoring … and coaching. Because it’s through her experience of setting up 5 businesses in a year and failing at them all that Joanne has learnt what it really takes to succeed.

Today, Joanne runs reading classes for students around the world alongside her highly successful tutor coaching business. If you’d like any assistance with your tutoring service, look no further than Joanne’s Jumpstart course. (Well worth a read even if you don’t sign up …)

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“Failure isn’t failure … nobody reaches success without experiencing failure

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