Supporting Young People to Make Safe Choices about Drugs: An Exploration of Decisions, Relationships and Happiness in Children

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Since the death of her son, Dan, in 2014, Fiona Spargo-Mabbs has dedicated her life to supporting young people to make safe choices about drugs. Now we turn to tutors.

A tutor has a unique position in a young person’s life
, different to that of a parent or a teacher. And Fiona has important words of wisdom for tutors and the role they can play in helping students transition from one phase of school to the next.

Tutors so often work with students at crucial moments in their education and it is at precisely these moments that students need the most support; they are at their most vulnerable when under exam pressure and when changing schools. Listen in from [18:50] to hear Fiona’s expert advice for tutors.

Fiona is the Director and Founder of the Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation, who work to increase the understanding around drugs and alcohol. We urge you to check out their suite of workshops, training programmes, resources and community, whether you or your children have been affected by drugs and alcohol or not.

As per the conversation we ended the episode with, if you’d like to get in touch to discuss how the tutoring sector could work with the drugs and alcohol education sector, then please email

I believe that education is the way that people can find fulfilment, freedom, empowerment … and also joy

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