The 11+, ISEB, SATs, GCSE & A-level Resource Group: How It Can Help You as a Parent, Student and Educator

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Many parents and educators have turned to online communities for support and resources since March 2020. There are very few groups who have provided more than Agness O’Brien‘s.

The 11+, ISEB, SATs, GCSE & A-level Resource Group, newly Affiliate Partners of TTA (pretty special for a Facebook group) and recently partnering with Qualified Tutor, provides a wealth of resources, live events, emotional support, helpful guidance and learning materials to over 13,000 members. Since last spring, the group has more than doubled and continues to grow every day.

The equation is simple: if you’d like to get access to resources and support from thousands of educators, parents and specialists stretching back over 5 years, then this is the place to be. And it’s all down to Agness and her wonderful team of admins and moderators.

By signing up, you’ll also immediately find a short introductory video that gives info on all the moving parts of the group, including crucially how to navigate the thousands of resources and posts. Once podcast systems have reached a point where videos can be posted in show notes, that video will be up quicker than you can say …

When it comes to introvert students, confidence is much higher online because they don’t have to ask questions in front of the rest of the class

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