The Community-Based Entrepreneur: The Power of Connecting People

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Following on from our chat with entrepreneur coach Mike Michalowicz last week (catch it below), we bring you a new perspective on building your business in today’s environment: community-led entrepreneurialism.

Ash Phillips is the Founder of Dffrnt (formerly ‘YENA’ in case you see this around and about). Dffrnt connects business leaders and entrepreneurs around the world – in Ash’s own words: it’s ‘a digital community of awesome people creating cool things, on a global capacity’.

Ash works today to help anyone interested in small and niche business to grow what they know and understand into something that sells and benefits their community.

For all Qualified Tutor Community members, Ash has a special offer for you: to join Dffrnt with a special discount code. Visit the Community for more details on how you can get 3 months free …

“Purpose and profit aren’t exclusive of one another, they are very inherent.”

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