The Magic of Tutoring: How to Bring Your Student’s Learning Alive

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Neil Cowmeadow knows a thing or two about tutoring.

Having worked in the consultancy industry, Neil found that teaching people gave him the greatest joy in life. Today, he has a long waiting list of future students and smiles most broadly when he’s jamming along with a student.

Neil is a specialist guitar tutor and inspires all students he works with to enjoy their own music. While other music tutors and teachers have struggled with the move to online tuition, Neil has thrived.

Neil is also the producer and host of his own podcast, The Tutor Podcast – it’s one of our very favourites and, having run for over two and a half years now, there is something there for tutors of all kinds. Go have a listen.

“There are no mistakes in music, just notes you want and notes you don’t want.”

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