The Power of Gamification in Maths Learning: An Exploration of Mathic Games

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Perry Clemons has got a new and refreshing way for you to learn Maths. Perry has created a set of Mathic Games which will revolutionise your relationship with Maths.

Ideal for tutors, these two games, the Mathic Number game and the Mathic Fraction game, allow students to visualise Maths in a game environment. The rules are simple and can be found by visiting either Mathic Number or Mathic Fraction.

In this conversation, we discuss the possibilities for these games and Perry’s tutoring philosophy. As a former teacher who’s now studying for an M.S. in Childhood Education, Perry has spent every working day since the age of 20 building a framework for how children learn Maths … and now he’s created a bridge for the most common gaps in understanding.

Watch out for Perry’s Maths-based riddle at [03:49] – he reveals the answer at [31:36] but there’s NO CHEATING ALLOWED 

I strongly believe that education is the most powerful way to enact positive change in the world

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