The Power of Thunking: How We Can Stop Students Settling for ‘I Don’t Know’

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

We continue the theme this week of hearing from true experts in the field of education.

Ian Gilbert has been one of the foremost leaders internationally in the field of curriculum change and advocating for a system in which students think and learn for themselves.

Founder of Independent Thinking, a platform that serves the most innovative and creative minds in education, Ian’s works cover a range of topics, aimed at students themselves, those involved in the teaching of students and everyone in between.

This roundtable discussion, alongside Qualified Tutor’s Founder, Julia Silver, and Lead Facilitator, Adrian Conway, brings out the most important and most topical conversations at this time, with a real focus on challenging the norms in education and how we must alter the way students view their education.

“If your thoughts count, you count.”

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