The Qualified Tutor Specialist Hubs: Discussing the Vulnerability, Transparency and Leadership that You Will Learn by Being Part of These Groups

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


This Monday (7th March) marks the true launch of the Specialist Hubs, if you didn’t know already … here, we spoke to the Hub Leaders about their aims and objectives.

The Hubs (and their Leaders) are:

  • Science | Georgina Green
  • Maths | Helen Osmond
  • English | Andrea Gadsbey
  • Wellbeing | Sarahlynn Hodder
  • SEND | Kayleigh Crouch
  • Business of Tutoring (which has been running since July 2021) | Sarah Logan & Miguel de Sousa

Each Hub has a fortnightly live meet-up, supplemented by plenty of learning and discussion within the Hub space in between. You can subscribe to just one Hub or several – all information on how to do so can be found on the Specialist Hubs page.

The vulnerability and honesty of these leaders (and of the groups they run) is astonishing. There is really so much to learn from them.

Enjoy …

Next steps:


This [Wellbeing] Hub is a wonderful space where not only can I share my own experience of embedding wellbeing into tuition … but it’s also my space to welcome in other practitioners who are curious or unsure”Sarahlynn

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