This is How Tutoring Can Play a Key Role in Reducing Educational Disadvantage, with Daniel Dipper

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Daniel Dipper: Remember the Name. Daniel is a talented and engaged student at the University of Oxford who is bringing about educational change in this country … and beyond.

We have known Daniel for a while now, first having the pleasure of meeting him as part of the scholarship programme that Qualified Tutor ran for Sutton Trust alumni in the spring-summer of 2020.

Since then, Daniel has gone from strength to strength, both in the QT sphere and beyond, taking on increasingly important and transformational roles at the University of Oxford and Potential Plus UK.

Based in Peterborough, UK, Daniel champions the work of educational charities who seek to further the cause of disadvantaged students across the country. We know that Daniel has a very bright future ahead of him – listen in to hear, and understand, his vision for tutoring.

Next steps:

Tutoring is about the trust leap …  it’s about creating an environment where students feel comfortable making mistakes, trying things out and believing in their own ability to do that

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