TutorBird: An Industry-Leading All-in-One Management Software for Tutors, with Communications Specialist, Erin Ross

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

BIG NEWS! TutorBird have been announced as Sponsors of Day 5 at the Love Tutoring Festival 2World Tutoring. Is there a better fit? We don’t think so …

If you’d like to have your entire tutoring practice streamlined and stored in one, easy-to-use platform, then TutorBird is your answer.

Here, Erin Ross, the Communications Specialist at TutorBird, takes us through exactly how the platform works, how and where they look out for the needs of each tutor at every step of the way and the exciting features they have planned for 2022 …

… the most exciting of which is that they will be delivering Day 5 @ LTF2: the theme of which is World Tutoring. As a Canadian-based company with members from all over the world and with a mission to support the growth of tutors everywhere, they are the perfect fit for the final day of the Festival.

Next steps:

Our mission as a company is to support the growth of tutors, everywhere

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