Tutoring: How To Make A Difference

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

This week, we hear from Sophie Parker, Founder of Tutor In A Box, a smart and creative way for you to access learning resources and material. Sophie’s work has seen her win several awards and she was recently a Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist at the FSB Awards ceremony.

Sophie’s passion for creating accessible and affordable resources (“in a box”) for students so that parents can become teachers shines through from the first minute and Sophie’s wise words for young tutors starting out in the profession give us all hope that we can provide value to students’ learning. Sophie’s understanding of the industry comes from many years as a Maths tutor, a role that she still fulfils despite her busy schedule !

In particular focus in this light-hearted chat are the essentials of tutoring English and Maths, from collating resources to measuring the difference you’re making as a tutor. Sophie guides us through her experiences and even lets us in on some of her top secret tips on how she forms a creative, engaging and successful environment for her students.

“If you’re wondering whether you can make a go of tutoring, I say give it a go!”

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