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Tutoring in Uncertain Times: How to Inspire Confidence When Learning is Disrupted

The title of this episode could easily have been Every Student Wants to Learn.

Nicola Burkinshaw, a professional English and History tutor, lives by this motto in her own work and we couldn’t agree with it more.

Nicola is a self-confessed readaholic whose primary objective with students is to build their confidence in learning. Nicola is open about the fact that she’s never encountered a student who doesn’t want to do well – it’s about opening their minds to learning and showing them they have what it takes.

Watch out for Nicola’s top 3 tips for online tutors at [24:59] – 3 simple strategies that will streamline your work and the interactions you have with students.

To find out all about Nicola, visit her site – with blogs, resources, worksheets and even an online forum , you’ll find all you need to about English, History, online tutoring and, of course, Nicola herself!

“Tutors fulfil a specific need: creating an environment in which students can thrive which is different to the classroom.”