Upgrade Your Tutoring Business and Improve Your Confidence-Building Skills as a Tutor, with Sumantha McMahon

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Sumantha has a wealth of experience in both the entrepreneurial and teaching fields. And tutoring was life-changing for her – what do you need to upgrade your education business?

Sumantha McMahon is a cherished member of the Qualified Tutor Community and, perhaps unsurprisingly, has also had great success in building her own communities, both of parents and students seeking tutoring and of small business leaders seeking mentoring and coaching.

Upgrade Your Education Business and Sumantha’s other exciting venture, The Upgrade Project, are not Sumantha’s first businesses. Despite Anya closing down in 2020, after a simultaneous stint as a classroom teacher, this experience gave Sumantha the confidence and expertise to launch herself back into the world of business.

Can she help you upgrade your education business too?

Next steps:

My aim as an educator is always to empower people, and a measure for success for me is that my students really shouldn’t need me for too long

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