Wellbeing, Support and Mindfulness for Our Profession: How to Get Involved in World Tutors’ Day 2nd July 2022, with Sarahlynn Hodder

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School



World Tutors’ Day 2nd July is a celebration of all things tutoring. It’s a special day for our profession and this year, led by the sparkling Sarahlynn Hodder, there’s a focus on wellbeing and outdoor activity.

On Saturday 2nd July 2022, we celebrate the return of World Tutors’ Day. In this conversation, we managed to catch Sarahlynn (also QT Wellbeing Hub Leader and Founder of Bettering Youth) amongst the many events she’s leading at the Love Tutoring Festival 3 this week, to chat about the challenges tutoring currently faces, how the role of tutoring has changed over the past few years and what we can (and should) be doing to support our own wellbeing.

To celebrate this day, we’ve created a challenge that will help you to honour your wellbeing as well as support that of those around you (both physically and professionally) – head to worldtutorsday.org to see the details and take part yourself.

Don’t forget that you can still book your tickets to the Love Tutoring Festival 3 to hear Sarahlynn, and many other high-quality speakers, for FREE. To find out all about this incredible online festival of events taking place this week, head over to qualifiedtutor.org/love-tutoring-festival.

Today at the Festival (Thursday 30th June) also happens to have a Wellbeing Focus on Mindfulness, which ties in very nicely with the conversation here – don’t miss out on all the energy generated throughout the week leading up to this moment.

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Prior to the pandemic, the role of tutoring felt really separate to the role of teaching … and now there seems to be a lot more acceptance and celebration of the role that tutors bring forward

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