What It Really Means to Move from Teaching to Tutoring, and What Tutors Need to Know about the National Tutoring Programme: In Conversation with Sharon Cawley

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Sharon Cawley is a pioneer of the partnership between tutors, teachers and schools. She has a huge following of teachers, tutors and small business owners … and rightly so.

Sharon started her career as an English teacher in 1994. Today, Sharon runs the hugely successful Conexus Tuition which currently works with over 4000 children in schools.

Sharon does not shy away from discussing her own journey from teaching to tutoring which, in 2012, consisted of being left without work, on the dole. Just 8 years later, Sharon heads up an NTP Tuition Partner organisation.

More importantly though, she’d like to meet Greg Davies, and potentially marry him too. If you know how to make this happen, please get in touch.

Finally, you can hear Sharon as part of the NTP Partners&Schools Roundtable at the Love Tutoring Festival on Thursday 1st July at 11am, alongside Manning’s Tutors, Action Tutoring and EM Tuition. Grab your tickets at qualifiedtutor.org/community/love-tutoring-festival/.

“I don’t know of any other profession where it goes hand-in-hand that you take work home … as a given”

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