What You Need to Know about Psychology in Learning: A Deep-Dive into the Latest Research in Memory, Motivation & Metacognition, with Psychologist, Author and Director of Inner Drive, Bradley Busch

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


Explaining tricky concepts in simple terms is no easy task, particularly for an educator. Bradley Busch has made it his mission to do just that … for educators.

Bradley and his business partner, Edward Watson, set up Inner Drive to give practitioners the best chance possible to understand concepts such as metacognition, self-regulation, the use of questions in learning, retrieval practice, interleaving and more.

Here, Bradley walks us through the research behind these areas, sprinkled with more than a dusting of pedagogical backing and first-hand experience from 20+ years in the world of psychology and learning.

Coupled with this month’s theme in the Love Tutoring Community, of Metacognition and Self-Regulation, this conversation is a brilliant combination of broader understanding and in-depth analysis, delivered by a master communicator.

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