Why the Time to Focus on Executive Function Skills is Now, with Founder of Executive Function Specialists, Sean McCormick

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Quite why it’s taken us this long to get Sean McCormick onto the podcast, we will never know. But now we have, and now we’re very happy. Executive function skills are essential – find out how.

Sean is the Founder of Executive Function Specialists, a friendly, trusted and highly qualified team of educators and educational therapy specialists who give students and families the care and confidence they need to improve their family dynamic, and therefore their learning too.

Executive function skills are the greatest predictor of school success‘ is one of many great lines from this conversation – Sean truly believes in a different future for schooling and education, and we want you to hear this too. Projects like the One World Classroom are a great start, and executive function skills are absolutely crucial to this.

Next steps:

What we’re seeing more and more of in education is teachers saying to students, “What do you think your grade is, and why?” … a system with one standard of grades just doesn’t work with the neurological diversity we have in schools anymore

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