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In our popular podcast series, host and full-time tutor Ludo Millar chats with tutors, teachers, edupreneurs and other tuition stakeholders to compare notes and unlock valuable insights about tutoring.

Thanks to Luke Tierney for the podcast’s sparkling soundtrack.

Our most recent podcasts

Creating a Values-Driven and EQ-Led Education Business for Students and Mentors: The Story Behind Oppidan Education, with Founders Henry Faber and Walter Kerr

Henry Faber and Walter Kerr came together to build Oppidan Education 6 years ago. Their journey has led them to become one of the most exciting and ambitious education business in the UK, and has helped develop the lives and careers of hundreds of mentors and hundreds more students.

From Head Teacher to Head Tutor: Key Lessons Learnt Along the Way and How We Ensure Mental Health (for Student & Tutor) Stays at the Forefront, with Founder of MyTutorElite, David Bell

David Bell is an inspiration to us all. As a former teacher and headteacher for over 18 years, fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and now founder of a new tutoring business, David has seen it all in education.

Don’t Believe in the Box: An Improved Mindset for Understanding Each Other and the World Around Us, with Master Coach, Dinah Liversidge

Dinah Liversidge touches hearts and minds. As a qualified celebrant, master coach, award-winning keynote speaker and mindset trainer, Dinah delivers a passion for life and celebration every single time she shows up.

Reimagining the Fabric of our Education System: How to Create Incredible Learners, with CEO of Streamline Learning, Ian Siegel

Ok so you’re involved in education. You might well be an educator yourself. Do you ever reflect that the system you work in could be reimagined for the better? Ian Siegel has made it his mission – here’s how.

Shining a Light on Literacy: How Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring are Helping Educators Understand How to Teach Language, with Sandra Pyne

A lexicographer, a tutor, a primary teacher, a SEND specialist, a dyslexia assessor and now a company founder. Sandra Pyne has a long and distinguished educational background – and now Jigsaw Phonics is taking things to the next level.

How to Transform Your Passion into Confident Self-Expression: Speaker Empowerment for Educators & Professionals, with Linda Ugelow

It’s not often that you come across someone with the passion and spirit of Linda Ugelow. A lifelong dancer and performer, Linda removes the anxiety and fear of speaking with confidence.

Wellbeing, Support and Mindfulness for Our Profession: How to Get Involved in World Tutors’ Day 2nd July 2022, with Sarahlynn Hodder

World Tutors’ Day 2nd July is a celebration of all things tutoring. It’s a special day for our profession and this year, led by the sparkling Sarahlynn Hodder, there’s a focus on wellbeing and outdoor activity.

How to Write a Must-Read Business Book: The Crucial Role of Focusing on the Reader, with Editor & Publishing Strategist, AJ Harper

QT Podcast fan favourite Mike Michalowicz says he trusts no else more in the world. She’s regularly cited by many top authors as the reason for their success. AJ Harper is a towering force in the authorship industry.

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