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The Voice of Tutoring

In our popular podcast series, host and full-time tutor Ludo Millar chats with tutors, teachers, edupreneurs and other tuition stakeholders to compare notes and unlock valuable insights about tutoring.

Thanks to Luke Tierney for the podcast’s sparkling soundtrack.

Our most recent podcasts

The Level Up Teaching Summit 2022: Creating Community and Providing CPD for Online Tutors & Teachers, with Co-Organisers & ESL Specialists, Crystal Weber and Tim Gascoigne

Welcome to the Level Up Teaching Summit 2022 Co-Organisers, Crystal Weber and Tim Gascoigne. One returning and one debut guest combine to discuss ESL teaching and why it matters for all tutors.

How to Build a Tutoring Platform from Scratch: Perfecting the All-Important Tutor-Student Relationship, with Co-Founder of The Tutor Index, Jason Preece

The story of how one educator and founder developed and built a tutoring platform that has the tutor-student right at its core. This is The Tutor Index and Jason Preece.

Leading the Way in International Tutoring: How One of the Youngest Self-Made CEOs in the World is Building an Education Force to be Reckoned With, with Founder & CEO of Interjoin Teach, Omar El Dokani

Omar El Dokani has big plans for tutoring. And at the age of just 20, he has plenty of time to put them into action. Listen in to one of the most exciting young minds in tutoring today.

‘Learning First, not Teaching First’: Creating the Link Between Research & Teaching in Practice, and the Crucial Role of Memory, with Cognitive Science Expert, Sarah Cottingham

Often, and for too long, the link between cutting-edge research into education and actual education in practice has been too distant, too fractured. Sarah Cottingham is here to change that.

“A Powerful Tool for Focus”: What Tutors Can Learn from the Success of Rewards Programmes in Schools, with Founder of Great Little Rewards, Katie Tyndale

Incentivising students is something all parents and educators have grappled with. Katie Tyndale has created a solution. Great Little Rewards works with schools to motivate children to model good behaviours, and now it’s time tutors take part too.

What You Need to Know about Psychology in Learning: A Deep-Dive into the Latest Research in Memory, Motivation & Metacognition, with Psychologist, Author and Director of Inner Drive, Bradley Busch

Explaining tricky concepts in simple terms is no easy task, particularly for an educator. Bradley Busch has made it his mission to do just that … for educators.

In Flow with The Rapping Science Teacher: How to Use Music & Social Media to Help Produce Great Young Minds, with Founder of JGM Science Tutors, Matt Green

Matt Green is The Rapping Science Teacher. An experienced teacher turned viral sensation (for children and parents), Matt has come to understand the way students learn.

The Power of Education Podcasts as a Vehicle for Effective CPD: In Conversation with Fellow Podcast Host and Co-Host of TandTeaching, Arthur Moore

What would it take for you to get into education podcasts? Well, you’re here. So that’s the first step. The next step is to catch Ludo and TandTeaching co-host Arthur Moore help spread the good word of edu podcasting.

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