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In our popular podcast series, host and full-time tutor Ludo Millar chats with tutors, teachers, 

edupreneurs and other tuition stakeholders to compare notes and unlock valuable insights about tutoring.

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Our most recent podcasts

High Learning Potential and Gifted & Talented Students: The How and the Why, with Jemma Zoe Smith

Jemma Zoe Smith credits the tutors she worked with as a child for her ambition and success as an adult. Learn how to become that tutor.

There Needs to Be a Reboot on Education: Here’s How, with Independent Thinking Associate, Dave Harris

Many are calling for an update to the education system. Few are doing so with as much passion and experience as Dave Harris, Managing Director of Independent Thinking Ltd.

TutorBird: An Industry-Leading All-in-One Management Software for Tutors, with Communications Specialist, Erin Ross

BIG NEWS! TutorBird have been announced as Sponsors of Day 5 at the Love Tutoring Festival 2: World Tutoring. Is there a better fit? We don’t think so …

Qualified Tutor and Nudge Education Bring You … the Love Tutoring Festival 2

Nudge Education and Qualified Tutor have been partners for a while. But this brings something different, something special. The Love Tutoring Festival 2: Monday 24th – Friday 28th January 2022.

How to Counter Imposter Syndrome, What This Means for Women in Tech and Why This Involves All of Us, with Carolyn Adagala

“I want to bring about change and increase diversity in the world of tech”. This is the dream of speaker, writer and tech innovator, Carolyn Adagala. Who’s with Carolyn?

The Get Different Philosophy: How to Create Marketing that Gets Noticed, with Co-Founder of The Different Company, Justin Wise

“Marketing is so nebulous … that’s why we’ve put handlebars on it with the Get Different philosophy” – the words of someone who truly understands the M-word.

A Child-Centred Approach to School Placement Programmes, with the Co-Founder of EducAd Consulting, Yuliya Kosko

Yuliya Kosko understands the difficulties that many parents find themselves in when it comes to their children’s education. That’s why EducAd Consulting was formed.

It’s Time for Professional Tutors to Reach a Status in Society Alongside Doctors and Lawyers: Here’s How, with the Founder of The Profs, Richard Evans

It’s rare that a conversation as inspiring and ambitious like this lands in your ears. Take it in because Richard Evans will be leading the industry for a long time.

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