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UK Registered Learning Provider (UKRLP) 10087670

Independent Quality Mark


Parents need information to choose the right tutor for their children. The Qualified Tutor Level 3 in Education and Training Quality Mark will help parents to choose you.

It's no longer hard to find a tutor. It's now hard to choose the right tutor.

The course is well-written and provides an overview of aspects that tutors will encounter (and fear) and an opportunity to discuss these aspects with like-minded people.

Richard Ashelford, full time tutor

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Our Quality Mark Represents . . .

Qualified Tutor's Core Values: Empathetic, Enabling, Leadership and Lifelong Learning

  • Commitment to Continuing Professional Development
  • An independent quality mark that will enable parents and schools to make informed choices
  • The raised status of a professional tutor
  • Better opportunities for learners.
  • Agencies, please note: the Quality Mark belongs to the tutor, not to an agency or organisation. However, if all of an agency’s tutors have received our training, we will list the agency as affiliates, and allow the use of a Qualified Tutor Affiliate logo.


Stand Out from the Crowd

The Qualification for Tutors has been developed as an independent quality mark for the tutoring profession.

This is the only way that parents and schools can make an informed choice about which tutor to employ.

Once you complete the Qualified Tutor Level 3 in Education and Training, you will be able to use our Level 3 logo.

Initially, you will be the first generation of tutors carrying this qualification. But very quickly, parents will learn to seek out the QT Quality Mark as an independent industry standard.

The course has made me realise tutoring isn't about a subject, it's about a person. To be an effective tutor, you need to build a trusted relationship with the student, realise that every student is different and acknowledge the importance of reassessment.

Lucy Irving

What People Are Saying About Qualified Tutor ...

The Qualification for Tutors has given me the confidence I need to take tutoring to the next level and provide my students with high quality tutorials that help them reach their goals. The experience has been fantastic and the community of tutors it has created is a great bonus!


This course taught me so much more than what I've expected, as it not only confirms and builds upon the strategies I've utilised in the past, but gives me the toolbox needed to build a safe and friendly learning environment for the tutoring sessions to come.


For someone who has never done tutoring, the QT course provided me with a great introduction to becoming a tutor, helping me to start building a career in teaching and education.


The course gave comprehensive insights into what tutors need to know in order to maximise their professionalism and effectiveness. The educators made it interesting and engaging, and challenged us to delve further into the subject.


The workshops were brilliant, showing me the intricacies of tutoring as well as pushing me out of my comfort zone and getting me to come up with and express new ideas.


A very good and eye-opening course! Even as an experienced tutor, it shed light on aspects I wouldn't have thought of before and will definitely take on the lessons in my future tutoring work.


I had a great time learning with Qualified Tutor. I feel I have gained a lot of useful tools for my tutor toolkit and speaking with other tutors has been a valuable experience!


An excellent online course especially for anyone that is new to tutoring. It allows you to think and learn about all aspects of the role rather than jumping straight in the deep end to teach children outside of the school environment.


Before I started the course, I'd never had any training to be a tutor. I found myself guessing at what the right thing to do was. The QT seminars have given me the tools to build the structure required to be a great tutor, rather than just a good one! I've learnt the importance of not just knowing the content of what you're teaching, but of building a culture of learning with your students to ensure they achieve their full potential. Thank you!


The Qualified Tutor course is informative, inspiring and accessible to all levels of tutor. I have gained a lot from the course material as well as from the other participants and am excited to continue the conversation in the tutor community.


It's wonderful to have people just as passionate about tutoring as me to have these conversations with. Not only is it really interesting, but it's a learning experience because we don't often have the opportunity to actually think about how we do what we do, and what is actually making the difference. We just end up following the specific steps over time. In these conversations it's becoming a lot more clear.


An engaging training course that has left me feeling more confident in both my abilities as a tutor and of the importance of a tutor in a child's education.


I can’t thank QT enough for all the skills and knowledge they have given me. I feel so much more confident as a tutor now and can’t wait to put my new tutoring toolbox to use!


The QT team has put together such a helpful and interactive course that gives you a better understanding of what it really means to be a tutor, as well as so much amazing practical advice.


I genuinely feel so much more confident in tutoring now than I did before. You guys have really managed to create such a great environment for discussion and learning and bouncing off everyone else, as well as the extremely valuable skills that you, Adrian and Ludo talk through.

A massive thanks again!


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