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If you are looking for a verifiable credential to showcase your understanding of your subject, then our Skills Audits are perfect for you. Covering a broad range of subjects and groups from 11+ to A-Level, you can find the perfect way to help your parents and students know you are the perfect fit for them. 


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Overview of the Qualified Tutor Skills Audits

We know how important it is to show your understanding of your subject/s as a tutor. How can you showcase that you excel above the other tutors in your field? That’s why we created these rigorous skills audits to help you shine brightly and proudly with a digital verified quality mark of your experience and expertise. 

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What to expect

These tests are designed to evaluate pedagogical expertise and is intentionally rigorous. They are created by fellow expert tutors in their specific subjects. Each Skills Audit should take around 45 minutes to complete, and will provide you with an instant result of whether you have passed or the next steps to accelerate your learning in the particular subject matter. 

To pass the test and obtain your Qualified Tutor credential, you will need to achieve a minimum of 60%.

If you achieve above 90% you will be recognised as a Higher Qualified Tutor.

Results will be shown at the end of this test and your Qualified Tutor digital credential will be sent to you directly within 72 hours of passing.

Completing this course will help you:

We are continuously adding new subjects to our Skills Audits for Tutors – if you cannot see your subject here, or feel you could be considered to write a Skills Audit, please contact our team. 


These Skills Audits are all multiple choice, with sample essays, sample questions, and feedback examples. You will instantly know your end result and whether you can take further training to improve your understanding of your selected subject prior to taking a further audit, if required. 

You will be invited to take the comprehensive test in your selected subject/s. As soon as you have completed the test, you will be informed of your score and what this means for your results. If you have passed, you will be sent a digital badge to verify your understanding of the subjects you offer as a tutor. These can be embedded in your website, on your marketing, and within your social media.

These tests are comprehensively designed to evaluate pedagogical expertise and should take around 45 minutes to complete

To pass the tests and obtain your Qualified Tutor credentials, you will need to achieve a minimum of 60%,
If you achieve above 90% you will be recognised as a Higher Qualified Tutor. 

If you achieve these scores, you will be sent your digital badge within 2 working days via email. 

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A Shareable, Verifiable, Digital Quality Mark

Show your commitment to professionalism in tutoring with this shareable, verifiable, digital credential.

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