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Tuesdays @ 12pm GMT Fortnightly

English Tutors’ Specialist Hub

The English Specialist Hub is for you if:


@ 12pm GMT


Science Tutors’ Specialist Hub

The Science Specialist Hub is for you if:

Thursdays @ 12pm GMT Fortnightly

STEM: Maths and Science Tutors’ Specialist Hub

The STEM Specialist Hub is for you if: 

Friday @ 12pm GMT Fortnightly

Special Educational Needs and Wellbeing

Specialist Hub

The SEND and Wellness Specialist Hub is for you if:

Fridays @ 12pm GMT Fortnightly

Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health Hub

The Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Hub is for you if:

Fridays @ 2pm GMT

The Business of Tutoring Hub

The Business of Tutoring Hub is for you if:
Meet the Hub Leaders
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Sarah Logan - Business of Tutoring Hub

Sarah has been teaching across all primary ages since training in London in 2003. She’s been a mentor for teaching students and Newly Qualified Teachers and the school lead for ICT & Computing. Sarah’s online-tutored over 350 UK and worldwide students and trains other teachers to tutor online too. She enjoys teaching Maths, Coding and Creative Writing the most. Sarah is one half of Next Steps Tutors, who tutor online and in small groups nationwide, specialising in KS2 Maths, English and 11 plus.

When she’s not teaching, you’ll probably find her swimming, surfing or paddle-boarding around Devon beauty spots.

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Miguel de Sousa - Business of Tutoring Hub

Miguel’s objective is to get every child to excel in their education. His commitment is to offer tuition that will build your child’s confidence through focused one-to-one lessons in your home or online, placing them at peace with their schoolwork.

“I worked in hospitality for 30 years and loved it. But more than the food, wine and the beautiful places I experienced, I loved developing my Team. Today this is still why I get out of bed. There is no better legacy than sharing your knowledge and being part of someone’s development journey. It is also a great responsibility that I humbly accept.”

“It’s not all work, though. I can cook up a storm and love having people over to enjoy my food. I’m a simple person, but I do enjoy the finer things in life, and most of the time, they don’t have to be expensive. Number one on my bucket list at the moment is to learn to paraglide, get a new perspective on my ‘me time’.”

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Andrea Gadsbey - English Tutors' Specialist Hub

Andrea is the Founder and Lead English Tutor at Hope Tuition Clinic.


Andrea has been a classroom teacher, mentor, trainer and curriculum lead across Secondary English for 18 years and explored the alternative world of tuition during 2020 when the pandemic took learning online. She found the demand for online learning soared and her English teaching expertise soon saw her side-hustle grow into a business.


Over the last 18 months, Andrea’s business has grown by 500% and she is now scaling back her teaching commitments to devote more time to growing her tuition business and bring her experience of English mentoring and training to tutors.


The mission behind ‘Hope’ is to improve the life chances of all young people through literacy and Andrea remains a passionate advocate for closing the gap and supporting disadvantaged young people to build confidence and success.

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Georgina Green - STEM (SCIENCE) Tutors' Specialist Hub

Georgina is a personal tutor and founder/owner of Green Tutors


Having worked and studied in science since leaving university in 2005, Georgina founded Green Tutors in 2011 to share her passion for STEM learning.  


For 15 years Georgina was a pharmaceutical scientist in Discovery Research, leaving in 2021 to focus on her tutoring business.

Since 2011 Georgina has recruited a team of tutors working and studying in STEM fields to inspire more students into STEM paths. 

Georgina also participates in STEM workshops and careers events in local schools as a STEM.org volunteer. 


Since March 2020 she’s been the host of the Tackling Tutoring Online community, sharing resources and coaching for tutors and teachers to bring their teaching and business online during the pandemic.

helen osmond - STEM (maths) Tutors' Specialist Hub

Helen graduated from Exeter University with a degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics, and went on to do her PGCE in secondary maths from Bath University. 


Having had to withdraw at the end of her training due to ill health, Helen turned to tutoring and found her niche.


She has been tutoring ever since.


She loves taking students from “I hate maths, I can’t do it” to “Meh, maths isn’t actually that bad” which from a teenager is high praise indeed! 


Helen is an active member of the Qualified Tutor Community and has run workshops on Bitpaper, her choice of whiteboard, to help other tutors improve their online tuition. 


She is looking forward to working with other maths tutors in the maths hub to develop their skills!

kayleigh rapson - Special educational needs and Wellbeing (SEND) Tutors' Specialist Hub

Kayleigh Rapson is a graduate of Brighton University and the University of Sussex. 


She is a qualified teacher and holds a master’s degree in Early Years Education.


Kayleigh is the director of Bright Sparks Tutors, a small, independent tutoring company geared towards children with low confidence and SEN/neurodiversity.


Being in education for more than a decade, Kayleigh has worked with countless neurodiverse children and their families to support and guide them throughout their education. 


Kayleigh specialises in working with children who have communication and sensory difficulties, taking a holistic and playful approach which supports confidence and identifies significant ‘gaps’ in learning.

Sarahlynn Hodder - - SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS AND WELLBEING HUb - Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health SpecialisT

While teaching within the classroom, Sarahlynn realised that many of the “Miss my stomach hurts”, and rambunctious behaviours could be addressed by unpicking the thoughts and concerns held by the child. This, coupled with mindfulness and NLP training alleviated much of the anxiety and pressure felt by the students. She became the pastoral lead in her school and supported the creation and delivery of an effective emotional literacy programme. But Sarahlynn knew that could only help so much within the confines of the classroom walls. Bettering Youth was founded in 2017 with the vision to: Teach academics + teach feelings + teach resilience = to promote success. The Bettering Youth model has developed over the years and is now a programme that can be adapted to support children of varying levels of need. Some need the well-being baked into the tutoring, while others require the programme to be delivered as its own module. With the help of some incredible partner tutors, Sarahlynn has grown the business by 400% in the last 4.5 years and is very excited to share her findings, knowledge, and experience with other educators who teach beyond the classroom. Sarahlynn is a proud member of the Qualified Tutor community and runs a monthly webinar, The Mindful Toolbox

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