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Turning ‘Errors’ into ‘Experiments’

We welcome Jade Arthur to the Qualified Tutor Blog. A US-based verbal exam prep tutor and member of the National Tutoring Association, Jade also holds Advanced Certification, a highly regarded qualification level in the US.

This first piece is packed full of knowledge and nuance. A slight mind shift that will likely work wonders for you and your students.

Connections Over Compliance #1: Confirmation Bias and Low Self-Esteem


Jack Simmonds, QT’s incredible Lead Facilitator, returns for a new blog series, following on from his highly informative Language Matters series.

Here, Jack kicks us off with a look at the area of Confirmation Bias and how it can (negatively) impact a child’s understanding of their own ability.

The Growth Mindset – Catalyst for Sustainable Development

Anthonia Eddo takes us through her analysis of the power of a Growth Mindset and what it means for the development of our students … and herself.

With a view to what a growth mindset achieved for her as a student, Anthonia picks out the important facets of this area.

Have you considered a Growth Mindset in your students?

Love Tutoring: What do we sell?

But how do we know what our product is as tutors? Yes, we assist students with their learning, but what does that look like? If you’ve ever wondered this, Julia will go some way to providing an answer, as well as a few tips for the future …