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Qualified Tutor Community –> Love Tutoring Community

There have been some changes here at QT over the past few months.

Here, Ludo guides you through a short history of the Community and details what the change from Qualified Tutor Community to Love Tutoring Community really means for you and your business.

The Love Tutoring Festival – An Open Letter from Julia Silver

An Open Letter from Founder of Qualified Tutor, Julia Silver. A mission statement for what Qualified Tutor believe the future of tutoring can and will be in 2022, and beyond.

Read and be inspired. Read and join in. Read and book your tickets to the Festival 24-28th January at

Love Tutoring: What do we sell?

But how do we know what our product is as tutors? Yes, we assist students with their learning, but what does that look like? If you’ve ever wondered this, Julia will go some way to providing an answer, as well as a few tips for the future …

Love Tutoring – Chris and Jodi

As a mother of five and as a tutor herself, Julia understands the intricacies of when and how a child needs assistance. If you’re a tutor or a parent looking for a tutor, this article will lay out what makes tutoring so special …

How to Smash Every First Tutoring Session

Love Tutoring: in this, the second in the latest series from Qualified Tutor and Learncube, Julia walks us through the aspects of a hihgly effective first session that will get students coming back for more every time.