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Victoria Burns returns to the QT Blog to set us a difficult question: what is our pursuit of ‘success’ in school really leading to? What kind of success are we creating for the students of today?

As ever, Victoria challenges and inspires in equal measure. This is one to discuss with peers … and students too.

Exam Stress, Mindfulness and Child Mental Health

In a time where resources and strategies for helping children through their disrupted studies are most precious, Linda guides us through simple steps we can all take to assist our school students. Watch out for the light-hearted videos at the bottom …

Resilience: What it is and what it isn’t

Amanda Cremona has been an integral part of the QT Community since the very early days. Here, Amanda shares a powerful story of resilience; one which contains a level of vulnerability and honesty that we rarely see in the online sphere in this day and age. Read on to be inspired by Amanda’s journey