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Positive Regard, and its Application to the Qualified Tutor Training

Inspired by his reading of American psychologist, Carl R. Rogers, Jack turns our attention to the area of positive regard.

Haven’t heard of it? Jack breaks it down into manageable steps, applying it to the teaching & learning that take place on QT’s four-part training course.

The Contextual Safeguarding Network – A Safer Approach to Child Protection

Struck by watching Dr Carlene Firmin’s 2019 TEDx Talk, Jack penned this crucial thought-piece on society’s approach to child protection and how we, far too often, attempt to treat the perpetrators of the crime, or worse, the victim themselves.

Dr Firmin calls on us to change our view on the location of abuse, and how it is essential to improving the safety of our children.

Exam Stress, Mindfulness and Child Mental Health

In a time where resources and strategies for helping children through their disrupted studies are most precious, Linda guides us through simple steps we can all take to assist our school students. Watch out for the light-hearted videos at the bottom …

Resilience: What it is and what it isn’t

Amanda Cremona has been an integral part of the QT Community since the very early days. Here, Amanda shares a powerful story of resilience; one which contains a level of vulnerability and honesty that we rarely see in the online sphere in this day and age. Read on to be inspired by Amanda’s journey

Exam Access Arrangements: who, what, how and why

In part two of her introductory series, Hazel Barnett takes us through a detailed look at how exam access arrangements work in practice. With explanation and links for each step, this is the complete guide to how you can best provide for your student.