The Love Tutoring Festival – An Open Letter from Julia Silver

You never know which idea is the one that will make all the difference.

Ludo and I have come up with so many projects over the years that were the right thing at the wrong time, or the wrong thing at the right time, or the right thing but we weren’t the people to make it happen.

So many ideas remain up our sleeves, in the archive bank or the recycling bin.

But the Love Tutoring Festival was good from its very inception. That’s because it was, and is, about sharing and about serving. 

• “What does the tutoring community need?” 

• “What does it need now?”

• “What does it need next?”

This is how we think. This is our why.

To create, to innovate and to point the way for a better version of tutoring. That’s why Qualified Tutor exists.

So much has changed for tutors in the last six months. With the second round of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), the development of the School-Led Tutoring NTP pillar, changes in regulation in China, tutoring has had more attention than ever before. 

But we have also been more proactive as a profession. We’re more joined-up, better connected and more able to advocate for ourselves nationally and internationally than we have ever been.

And there is so much more to be done.

As individuals and as a profession, we need to learn to love tutoring. And we need to teach the rest of the world to love tutoring, too.

We need to look beyond that Plan B version of tutoring: ‘tutoring is a side-hustle’, ‘tutoring is a stop-gap’, ‘tutoring is lonely’ which most of us have been tolerating for so long. We need to establish new norms, develop our own culture and describe our own Plan A. 

Whether that means who we tutor, how we tutor or how much we tutor. Whether it’s about passive incomes, software solutions or training. Whether it’s about community, confidence or commitment. We need to build a new vision for tutoring, and then we need to move forward as colleagues, not competitors.

Hosting the Love Tutoring Festival may be the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life after my wonderful children. Inviting speakers to share their messages of hope, holding space for participants to do their thinking, participating in the change that needs to happen in tutoring today. It’s happening before my eyes. And it’s beautiful.

Ludo and I are so glad to share it with you.

Thanks for being here.

Book your ticket to the Love Tutoring Festival 2

My warmest wishes,


Founder of Qualified Tutor and Host of the Love Tutoring Festival


PS. Thanks as always to our wonderful sponsors – without whom none of this would be possible, and with whom we are able to move forward together.

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