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For a tutor, subject matter expertise isn’t enough to ensure success.

Level 3 Qualification for Tutors

Our Level 3 Qualification is for ambitious tutors of all subjects and levels of expertise who appreciate the importance of continuous professional development and reflective practice.

This course will allow you to think about the big ideas in education today, and to engage in a professional dialogue with like-minded people.

This qualification is the Level 3 in Education and Training, internationally accredited by Ofqual. Completion will provide you with our QT Quality Mark, which will help to set yourself apart as a qualified tutor.

This course is for you if:

  • You are an experienced tutor with professional curiosity
  • You are a new tutor who needs to understand the foundations of tutoring
  • You want to earn the Qualification and Quality Mark to differentiate your tutoring service

CPD-Accredited Tutor Training

The CPD-Accredited Tutor Training is for tutors who want to gain foundations in teaching and learning within a supportive professional development community. It will help tutors to think like an educator, and make a real difference for students.

This 4-week online facilitated course combines self-paced content with live online meet-ups to create the ideal blend for adult learners. We limit the size of each cohort, so that you can benefit from 1:1 support from your facilitator and get to know the other learners in your group.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re starting out as a tutor
  • You’re a tutor looking for a refresher course
  • You’re an agency or organisation leader looking for a proven training solution for a large number of tutors.

In order to get ahead and deliver the best outcomes for their students, tutors need to feel confident about things like teaching methods, engagement strategies, safeguarding, time management, and business principles.

Qualified Tutor’s blend of live and asynchronous online learning combines evidence-based theory and best practice in these and other areas, using a flexible model that accommodates anybody’s schedule.

Ultimately, tutors learn not only from the facilitators, but also from each other, through frequent discussion of the content and sharing of actual experiences.

Read what Level 3 graduate Daniel Dipper had to say about the QT training process in his April 2021 blog post ...

What I Gained From The Level 3 in Education and Training

Daniel Dipper, 10 April 2021

The Level 3 in Education and Training from Qualified Tutor I believe will take your tutoring practice to the next level, regardless of whether you have only just completed your first tutoring session or if you have tutored for a number of years.

The benefits of the qualification can be grouped into what can be gained from workshops, from the portfolio, and from the community surrounding the qualification. What this qualification goes above and beyond for compared to the previous Level 1 qualification is community, and for developing critical self-awareness and a reflective mindset.

Workshops: Workshops are a great place both to orient your understanding of tutoring, and to develop this with like-minded people who bring their own perspectives to the table. Covering safeguarding, building relationships with students, the Learning Loop, and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (alongside mental health and wellbeing), and a recorded workshop on powerful feedback, these sessions really give you the tools for the classroom, generating clear codes of best practice with the necessary flexibility for your situation and personal preferences.

The increased focus on legal requirements, the latest research in the field, and mental health are welcomed for giving an even more informed and practical understanding of tutoring, as well as the workshops now acting much more as a springboard to further learning; like we wish to develop in students, the workshops act as the framing device to independent exploration and thought.

Another new addition I like is the cheat sheets which give you a concise snapshot of the wider topic to jog your memory, and I find myself regularly referring back to them from day-to-day. Still my favourite part of the workshops though are the discussions to be had in breakout rooms – I find these discussions act as a catalyst for many new ideas, and it’s great to hear about how tutors have implemented these thoughts in the classroom or what has worked for them; I felt I absorbed so much from others’ years of experience.