Tutor Coaching

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"Helped me to visualise exactly what I wanted."
Sarah Fellows, QTS

Gold-Standard in Professional Development

Our team of Tutor Coaches will guide your thinking as you take your next steps as tutors, or tutor leaders.

Combining the spectrum of Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching to create the Instructional Coaching that is best practice in schools today, our tutor coaches will enable you to make great strides in your practice, from any starting point.

"I learned so much"
Avner Bordoley, BSc

Meet Our Tutor Coaches
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Caroline Envill (nee Ingarfield)

Education Consultant, Master Life Coach, Senior Tutor
CEO and Founder

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Liz Fancourt PhD, MSc, BSc, QTS

Co-Founder of Next Steps Tutors

Primary Teacher

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Jack Simmonds

Qualified Tutor Facilitator
Nudge Education Senior Education Expert

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Take Your Training Further

Coaching is a chance to go deeper and reflect on your tutoring practice with an expert tutor coach.

“It helps address individual struggles that in a job that is quite isolated, you often have to deal with issues by yourself.” Cristina Talpis

Tutor Wellbeing is a Necessity

Don’t struggle on alone. Our highly-skilled tutor coaches are here to support you every step of the way.