Episode 143

How to Bring Your Unique Flavour to Every Tutoring Session

 with Tutor, Author & Content Creator, Roshan Daryanani

by | Dec 22, 2022

Roshan Daryanani. Remember the name. Roshan is an expert content creator in the tutoring and financial education space. Here we get an insight into her industry secrets …

Growing up in Tenerife, Spain, Roshan moved to London in 2008 and since then, has taken on several roles in education through her uni days and into her professional career

A qualified teacher, a Maths, Biology & Spanish tutor with over 7 years’ experience, a content creator & Youtuber with thousands of views, an author of 2 books, a Medium blogger with over 200 articles, a designer and an innovator – a whole host of skills and experiences, and the true meaning of the term a ‘portfolio career’.

Roshan came to me (Ludo) with enough ideas to fill a whole podcast season, so here we’ve boiled it down to the key pieces you need to hear.

Thank you to episode sponsors and high-quality tutoring agency, The Tutor Index. You can catch their recent episode with our podcast here, a great resource for finding out more about this wonderful tutoring platform. 


“Anything to lighten the mood a bit and get students engaged is a great way to start the session” – Roshan Daryanani

Hosts & Guests

Roshan Daryanani

Ludo Millar



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