Episode 145

Getting Your Tutoring Business Started in 2023

 What You Need to Know, with Tutor Business Coach, Sumantha McMahon

by | Jan 5, 2023

Sumantha McMahon is a name known to many of our audience. And this is testament to her skills & expertise in helping small education business leaders set up and scale their operations.

Sumantha, a returning guest (one of a select few!), is the Founder of Upgrade Your Education Business, where she runs regular Masterminds as well as pre-recorded, on demand content and a wonderful podcast.

Enjoy Sumantha’s wealth of knowledge in how to scale your business, as well as how to move from teaching to the tutoring environment, as Sumantha did herself in 2017.

To cap a top episode, there is a great segment towards the end in which Ludo and Sumantha discuss whether (ex-)teachers make good tutoring business leaders. We highly recommend …

Thank you to episode sponsors and high-quality tutoring agency, The Tutor Index. You can catch their recent episode with our podcast here, a great resource for finding out more about this wonderful tutoring platform.  


“I think teachers make for great business owners, not just tutoring business leaders, but any business leader” – Sumantha McMahon

Hosts & Guests

Sumantha McMahon

Ludo Millar



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